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  1. I

    iPhone 8, CarPlay & Bluetooth

    I’ve noticed that every time I plug my phone into my car’s USB socket to use CarPlay with the car’s built-in entertainment system, the Bluetooth switches itself on even though I don’t want to use it. This means that I either need to remember to switch it back off again, or accept that my phone’s...
  2. C

    iPhone 6s won't log in, won't be recognised by computers and won't connect to Wifi and Bluetooth is

    Hi, My iPhone 6s will not sign into Apple ID. On the home page of Settings, a prompt appears saying 'Update Apple ID Settings, some account services require you to sign in again' and asks for my password, which I enter (I know it's correct) and when I press 'Sign In' both the 'Cancel' and 'Sign...
  3. J

    Bluetooth issues

    I really hope someone can help with this PITA issue... First- I currently have an XR but I've had this issue with every iPhone I've ever had. (As well as every Bluetooth I've ever used with my iPhones). I rely on my Bluetooth a lot. I love being able to answer a call just by saying 'answer' and...
  4. B

    iPhone X Bluetooth not working for one apps

    I have an iPhone X running iOS 12.1.1. The Bluetooth has stopped working on certain apps. It works fine on apps like Music and Spotify, that is, I play a song, minimise the app, and the song keeps coming through my Bose QC35 headphones. For apps like Timer+ and timer., the alarm bell will ring...
  5. HunnieBunnie

    New OS and Blue Tooth Devices

    Since I have upgraded to the latest OS for my 5s, I noticed a strange little symbol at the top margin of my phone. Turns out it is for "Blue Tooth devices" and it turns itself on. I keep turning it off, and the next day, it it turned on again. I do not use any such device (do not even know...
  6. C

    iPhone 8 and 2015 Chevy Sonic

    I have been having issues with my iPhone and my Sonic. When I am using bluetooth through the car's speakers, people on the other end of my phone calls say they hear a constant humming when I accelerate and that is quite annoying. The Chevy dealer has updated My Link for me but I have read...
  7. Maura

    EFF Says That iOS 11 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Toggles are a Security Risk

    MacRumors reports today that the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has published an article that is critical of the redesign of Apple’s Control Centre in iOS 11, stating that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles are misleading and compromise the security of the user. According to the EFF, the...
  8. DaveM

    Bluetooth shows connected

    After moving to iOS 11 I find that the Bluetooth symbol at the top of the screen shows that the phone is connected to Bluetooth. I do have a Jabra Bluetooth speakerphone in the car, but it automatically disconnects after the car sits idle for a few minutes. This only started after upgrading to...
  9. JusSayan

    Which Bluetooth do you use?

    I'm looking to replace the stock wired  earbuds (that came with my iPhone 7) And jump into the world of Bluetooth. What pair should I buy? I'd like to stay with an in ear bud style. I'd like to stay reasonable price wise. What pair do you currently use? Are you happy with them? Why do you like...
  10. D

    Phone not working as it should after iOS upgrade

    After upgrading my iPhone 6 128GB to iOS10 I noticed my phone looses battery faster and shuts down in colder weather, my bluetooth don't communicate with my car anymore, my running application shows some strange results (GPS problem). All in all I'm very dissapointed in new iOS. Instead making...
  11. M

    Questioning about Siri

    Hi guys, Maybe it's a stupid question though, I was wondering if I can run Siri using non-apple bluetooth smartwatch. I'm thinking to buy a smartwatch, which is not apple watch, but i'm curious if i can use its all functions. Thanks for your comment.
  12. Maura

    Apple Working on Bluetooth Wireless EarPods, Possibly for iPhone 7

    Forbes reports that it has heard from a source familiar with the situation that Apple is currently working on developing a custom Bluetooth radio chip for wireless EarPods that could even be released along with the iPhone 7, which is expected to be the first iPhone ever to be released without a...
  13. Maura

    iPhone SE Said to be Having Bluetooth Audio Issues During Phone Calls

    MacRumors reports today that iPhone SE users have been reporting problems with audio during Bluetooth phone calls when the phone is paired with a vehicle or a wireless headset, in particular. Apparently the problems also involve using GPS voice navigation on your phone via Bluetooth, but...
  14. F

    iPhone 5 bluetooth not working

    Hi! I have an iPhone 5 and have been trying to sync 2 devices with it without success. The devices will sync with my iPads but not with the phone. I have turned on Bluetooth on the phone to no avail. Can the bluetooth system on the phone be damaged or just plain failing? Thanks!
  15. R

    annoying bluetooth & ibooks problem

    Probably easiest to explain the problem through examples: 1. I am listening to a book stored on my iphone via bluetooth to the sound system in my car. (It is a 2016 Subaru Outback with Starlink factory sound.) I pause the book for traffic, conversation, whatever. Then I get a phone call. After...
  16. A

    Blue Tooth and Google Map Commands

    When I use my iPhone 6 with the Jabra Freeway Bluetooth hands free device in my car it works wonderfully well with music and phone calls. However, navigation commands from Google maps are treated as a phone call. After each command, it announces "Call ended" and if I am on a phone call, it hangs...