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    iphone 4 on firmware 4.1 update

    hi my iphone 4 is on 4.1 i want to upgrade to 4.2.1 but in itunes it only says 4.3 is available. how do i do this please can anyone help :D:D:D
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    new laptop new itunes what to do

    hi i have all my apps on my iphone 3gs , music , photos etc.............. i have purchased a new laptop. installed itunes latest version. im pretty sure if i plug my phone in to the new itunes and sync it it will remove apps music photos the job lot???????????? the question is how do i...
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    usage & standby wont show

    it was fully charged looked about 43 % how long the phone had been on and it was blank with the - sign :s
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    Facebook app times out on my Iphone 4

    its same all over the world a think its proper crap dont even bother with the HD one not worth a penny you would think they would sort it
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    usage & standby wont show

    hi jailbroken iphone 4 the time since last full charge looks like this - it used to tell me how long it had been on standby since the last charge now it doesnt :( can anyone help me on this please thanks
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    downloading apps

    you no for large size apps 300mb and so on........even on WI-FI they take ages to download on the phone. can the apps be downloaded on a pc the transferred to the phone after. this will obviosly be a super speed process. or do you have to stick to getting them on the phone through cydia thanks
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    unsure how to jailbreak

    i have a iphone 4 i have read a fair few topics on how to do this but its all complicated :( i did come across this which i watched a tutorial and it looked dead simple JailbreakMe does anyone no if this will be updated to work on the latest software or not ?? i no that if you wanted to...
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    iphone 4 slowin down

    iphone 4
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    iphone 4 slowin down

    cheers i have just looked for SB settings but by the looks its for jail broken phones only ?? i will have to look for some thing similar if there is anything out there
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    iphone 4 slowin down

    cheers for the info :D i never new apps run in the background like that ive just wipe them all clear seems good
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    iphone 4 slowin down

    hi my iphone feels like its getting slower. when i 1st got it it was super fast every single thing i did on it.. now every thing i seem to do i have to wait ages for stuff to load all the time and its annoying. does anyone no how to sort this issue. safari is slow on 3G and WI-FI apps are...
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    my 1st back up iphone 4

    hi twice this has happened now. i went to drag a app into a folder and the folder totally vanished. its strange because the apps are still there in itunes on the sync app screen and it shows them all but not in the folder they was in before it vanished. there just all single icons :(. if i...
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    Ipod to iphone

    all the music is there in itunes when i plug the ipod in. i cant really do anything with it like drag it into other folders etc.... it just comes up with that little black circular icon. as soon as i unplug the ipod the music goes :( strange
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    Ipod to iphone

    Hi does anyone no if you can transfer all the music on a ipod to a iphone through itunes ? ive been looking but can only find programmes that want silly monies. if anyone can give info it would be great :D
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    102 apps not in folders now

    Hi ive got 102 apps on my iphone 4. they were all neat in folders. i downloaded 2 apps earlier and went to transfer them into the correct folder. how ever that didn't happen. the folder i dragged the app into totally disappeared. and i ended up with the same app twice on my phone :confused...