buying a new iPhone and Dealing with sprint.

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    Had to replace my trusty iPhone6 phones power plug in was worn and phone would not charge, so went to my carrier Sprint's store as i had in the past with my iPhone6.

    Made an an appointment on line for next morning at 11am got a confirm e-mail.

    Next morning Saturday 09/22/2018 was at Sprint store at 10:45am a guy asked what i wanted i showed him my confirm e-mail he looked at it and asked what do you want, told him a new iPhone told me he would put me on lwaiting list, around an hour later he got me a sales guy.

    Picked the iPhone8 Plus 64Gb also a Samsung wireless charger not dealing with power cords again.

    Then the fun dealing with the Sprints sales guy began, just wanted the phone and wireless charger was ready to pay with my credit card, guy kept trying to guide me to putting it on my sprint Act. pay a small Monthly payment, said i don't want it on my sprint Act. guy said can't give you a trade in for old iPhone6 unless i put sale on my Sprint Act. told him forget the trade in.

    Guy called a store manager and had a private talk, then the guy began a loooong drawn out process using a tablet having me put my mark on this item and that item, then took my DL and took a picture of it, then went on computer then again called a store manager had more private talks, then had me put credit card in machine ran the sale machine said remove card and i removed it asked for the sales slip, guy again called manager he said i had to re run my credit card need me to also sign.

    Then guy was going to transfer contacts and pictures from old phone to new iPhone, now Apple did not accept my Apple password i had used in App. store for many years, just would not accept it.

    Told guy forget the transfer set my phone up as new i will deal with Apple myself, phone got setup and i quickly left the store this process took maybe two hours.

    Got home called Apple and then the fun really began i found myself in Apples re-set password hell, was on phone with a apple support guy two hours, needed my Mac to use then Apple put me on a 24 hours wait so i could be checked out to make sure i was who i said i was, need my Apple password to get App.s from Apple App. store catch 22. later i received e-mail from Apple support saying on sept.23 at 4:27:50 CDT i will receive a text message or phone call then i must use my Mac log into and follow instructions. Oh well looking forward to getting my Apple password reset and moving along with my life and new Apple iPhone8 Plus.

    Hope i don't need another new phone for years.

    Happy to report Apple support worked with me to reset my password,not a really simple item but Apple has a good process to help people even on a Sunday night.

    New Apple8Plus is now fully working all my App.s are installed pictures from iCloud found their way into the camera.

    Sprint sent me a survey asking to tell them between 0 and 10 how well they did, gave them a 7 for how sales process went and 7 for if i would advise others in using that Sprint store.
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    Same with Verizon!!!

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