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zoom on the camera


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Jun 15, 2010
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United Kingdom
how do i get the zoom bar to show when taking pics and videos? i cant work out how i get it there, i think with pics i tap the screen but with videos i cant work it out its annoying :mad:
No zoom for videos...... Just tap for the zoom feature for still shots. Even tho I don't call it zoom... It's really just "active crop" I would much rather take the whole photo then edit.
I managed to get the zoom line or what ever it's called on the video part but I could never get it back...

Edit them after? I'm too lazy for that :p or if I'm sitting far away and need close up
Actually I'm going to the f1 and I don't know how close or far or even if the cars will speed by too fast for the camera but I need zoom. For me editing pics does not help I don't know how editing it will show something closer :p