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Zeetron White iPhone 4 Conversion Kit Review


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Jan 24, 2011
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Zeetron White iPhone 4 Conversion Service Review

The mythical white iPhone has been missing for a while now and there a gajillion different conversion services. Zeetron, thanks to my YouTube audience, was nice enough to send me out a conversion kit for review.

First with the pros. The conversion kit looks very slick. Although the parts are not OEM parts, they are VERY high quality parts. The Retina display looks exactly the same as before and the parts feel very good in my hand. Also, it did no damage to my photo quality or any of the sensors and speakers. The home button seemed clickier than it was before. Zeetron’s customer service was also very responsive and quick to answer my emails and calls.

The cons are pretty simple. Nothing major. First the parts are not OEM. Zeetron claims that there are no OEM parts available on the market. While other places claim to have OEM, I wouldn’t take those claims to heart. Also, as there seem to be with a lot of conversion services, there is a difference in the shade of white.

Overall, I would recommend going with Zeetron. Their parts are solid and customer service is good.

Check out my full Youtube review in the link below.



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