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Yahoo Messenger + iPhone 5 = Does not work


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Sep 23, 2012
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Maui, HI
Okay, I searched the issue on this site concerning Yahoo Messenger and the iPhone 5, I could not find anything. My problem is when using Yahoo Messenger video chat option, it works when it is installed. After using this app after a few days, the video chat option does not work and usually runs slow/glitchy. Whenever I delete this app and reinstall, it works fine. I find it strange as I have the same app installed on my inactive 3GS w/iOS6 and it works fine, no glitching. Before anyone starts, my 7 year old uses my old 3GS around the house, as I tend to try and get him into this world of texting/IM. Anyone else notice this problem? I would think, no one else uses this app as there are a bunch of different apps out there for IM.