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WTH?? Ads in all my paid apps today.


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Jan 1, 2013
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I pay for all my apps to avoid all the ads. Well today many of my paid apps have advertisements! This is crazy!

Paid for FlightRadar25 ($10 with in-app), tapatalk, SlingBox to name a few. Today I access these apps and I get advertisements for Google and others! These are 100% legit apps paid for with $USD from my apple account.

Why am I seeing all these video ads in my paid apps today????

Update: even apps that don't have a mechanism for adding ads are throwing ads up on me today??!! What's going on?

RadarScope was NEVER designed to have ads, now have video ads!!! What the heck is going on???

Update #2. Every single app I open throws a video ad now. Even apps that cost $99.99! This is crazy!

Running iOS 8.4.0 and jail broken for one tweak (activator). Anyone else experiencing this??
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UPDATE: problem seems to be fixed, I am no longer seeing video ads when I start any app.

Went into Cydia to see what I've installed. There are a few paid Cydia app like Recorder, Wifi Explorer, Downloader (or iDownloader?).

I deleted app by app to see if that fixed the problem. When I deleted Downloader in Cydia, BAM, no more ads in ALL my apps.
I had forgotten about this Downloader because it doesn't work at all with iOS 8.4.

What's odd is this Downloader app had been in my "Unused" folder and I forgot about it because it didn't work. What's odd is out of the blue, it caused any and all legit apps to show pop up ads.

I've reinstalled and recovered my 2 paid Cydia apps and no problem. Weird.
Glad to see you got it sorted, Thanks for the update.