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WSJ: Wisconsin Foxconn Plant Will be Making iPhone Displays


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Jun 18, 2010
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9to5 Mac reports that the Wall Street Journal is claiming that despite previous reports that Foxconn’s new U.S. display factory will only be making large panels for TVs and monitors, it will in fact be making LCD displays for iPhones. This would make the factory the first of its kind in the US.

It is not disclosed by the WSJ whether or not this is new information from a source, or if the WSJ is simply assuming that a Foxconn factory will be making Apple products.

9to5 Mac notes that Wisconsin governor Scott Walker has attracted some criticism for the $3B tax subsidy that the state will possibly be providing (assuming the package is approved by the state legislature), which is roughly 30% of Foxconn’s investment in the factory, with a state fiscal analyst saying that taxpayers would not recoup their investment until fiscal year 2042-2043.

“We believe this is transformational,” Walker told the WSJ in an interview. “We think in terms of attracting talent across the country and around the world.”

Source: WSJ claims U.S. Foxconn plant will make iPhone displays; $3B tax subsidy under fresh attack