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Wrong itunes account on fiances phone


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Jan 1, 2011
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I'm having a problem with my fiance's new iPhone. I'll give you a little background info. I have an iphone and my own itunes account which I've had for years. I get her the iphone for christmas and we are sharing one computer for both phones. When we set the phone up for the first time we made her an itunes account. For some reason it is using my itunes account on her phone. Even though I have never typed my info in on her phone. I had to manually sign out and enter her account info and sign in. Everything seemed fine for the past few days and she was downloading apps no problem. All of a sudden today she wants to update an app and my account info is coming up asking for me to verify my payment method even though she is signed in. I tried signing her out and back in and it still asks for my info.

I think I may have just figured it out as I was typing. When we synced her phone for the first time it put all my apps on her phone, could it be because she is trying to update an app that I originally downloaded? If so, how do you keep the apps separate among the two devices? Especially if they are two of the same apps.


Before syncing you have to make sure you sign into the right account in iTunes on your computer. If you want to use two different accounts then you will have to keep signing in and out of iTunes every time you want to sync a different phone.

To make life easier you can use the same iTunes account on both phones but keep everything else like apps and music separate. Of course you will have to trust your fiancée with your iTunes password...