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with ios 8.1 coming should we update


Sep 20, 2011
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with the new iOS 8.1 coming out this week should we update or wait on 8.0.2.
I updated to 8.1 and have had no issues. If you don't update, you'll be missing out on Apple Pay. There are a few other benefits to 8.1, but Apple Pay is really the only big one.
I'm just wondering if 8.1 patched any potential jailbreak exploits
8.1 patched the expired certificate exploit used for emulators and was also used by Pangu7. AFAIK the PDF vulnerability is not patched yet, but the use of that particular vulnerability is at the developers' discretion. The vulnerability opens up the ability to have an OTA jailbreak like JailbreakMe when exploited correctly, but it's a major security flaw that Evad3rs most likely won't exploit for ethical reasons but Pangu may. Overall, considering how iOS 8.1 ironed out a few bugs that were present on 8.0/8.0.2, it's best to upgrade to 8.1 as any jailbreaks looming in the minds of developers would revolve around 8.1 as it fixes several preexisting issues that detracted from iOS 8.
I have a iPhone 5. Should I update to 8.1? Any benefits?
Read too many issues on 8.1 so better to stay as it is and wait for a while more.