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Whirlpool Announces Apple Watch Compatibility With its Appliances


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Jun 18, 2010
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CNBC reports that Whirlpool has today announced at the CES tech show in Las Vegas that you will soon be able to control your Whirlpool appliance remotely with your Apple Watch, making it the first appliance manufacturer to enable such an interaction.

Whirlpool stated today that more than 20 of its connected appliances will be controllable via the Whirlpool app for Apple Watch that is due to launch later this year.

According to Cnet, various tasks that you will be able to perform with a Wi-Fi-enabled Whirlpool appliance directly from your Apple Watch include checking the temperature and changing settings on your oven during a cook cycle or finding out how long you have left to cook a dish; changing your washing machine wash cycle; and checking whether a dryer cycle has started and how long remains on the cycle.
"Bringing intuitive technology and functionality to the appliance category that helps take the friction out of household chores is chief among our goals as we innovate for the smart home," said Brett Dibkey, Whirlpool Corporation vice president, brand and strategy in North America. "Our consumers are sophisticated and expect their appliances to work smarter, not harder. Through the new collaboration with Apple, we're increasing a consumer's capability to interact with their appliances in new and more convenient ways."

The smart, connected home is set to be one of the major trends at this year’s CES show.

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