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What app is that?


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Sep 27, 2010
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On the top right of this pages header there is a pic of the iphone that has a unique look with text messages, emails and weather all on the front page....how is this done?
There are several apps that can be used for this. Not sure if there are any official ones on the appstore but if your iDevice is jailbroken i believe on of them is called lockscreeninfo or something of the likes. It's payware. Cheap but still costs something.
It is either Lockscreen or Intelliscreen. U can get both from Cydia if u r jailbroke.
i have seen this post several times in the month i have had my phone....i think its funny

yet,i to have searched and searched cydia and many repositories to no availe....nothing like that
so if anyone pins down the right stuff to make this happen,please post it so all are phones can look the same!!!!!!!!!
J/K...i would like to have it

i wonder if its a picture of one of the admins phones when the site was built,or just a stock photo from online and we may never find the right app:iphone4vert:
or you can all just read our posts and then search Cydia for Intelliscreen or Lockscreen. ? Don't be lazy, google is your friend.
found it...it is a cydget add on called element
allthough i cant not get it to work with my phone.......
gizmodo says it is not iso4 compatible...im am still giving it a try