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Water Damaged Iphone 4, any way of retrieving data?


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Apr 4, 2012
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My iphone 4 fell into the toilet and after exhausting all the usual methods (putting into rice to dry etc.), I haven't been able to make it function.
It did initially turn on after a few days of drying but then turned itself off within half an hour.

Since then when trying to fix it my friend damaged the connection that the battery clicks into (he was trying to see would replacing the battery work). There are 4 pins that it clicks into and one of them is now gone, unfortunate....so I don't think there's any hope of reviving the phone anymore (unless ye would know something to try or some part I could get etc.)

So basically what I'm asking now is, is there a way for me to retrieve data that was on the phone? Is it stored on some chip I could take out and connect to something else etc.? or any method of getting my pictures and videos back? I didn't have things on the cloud when this happened (few months back) and there's alot of really good holiday photos and videos that I'd really hate to lose. When the phone did turn on for half an hour before it died it was working fine and pictures etc were there.

If anyone can offer some help it would be greatly appreciated.


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Aug 20, 2011
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I honestly have no idea. What I would do is look up a place that repairs iPhones (preferably not mail in) and take it to them and see what they can do.