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Verizon and Sprint Promise to Permit FaceTime Cellular Use on all iPhone 5 Plans


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Jun 18, 2010
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AppleInsider reports today that both Verizon and Sprint have both issued press releases announcing that they will permit all of their iPhone 5 subscribers, no matter the data plan, to use the new FaceTime over cellular feature that is included in iOS 6. This is of course in contrast to AT&T’s stated plan that it will only let those subscribers who are on its Mobile Share data plans use the new feature. In its press release, Verizon said that even those on its current unlimited data plans will be able to use FaceTime on the iPhone 5. As AppleInsider notes, the feature does not seem to be available for current iPhone 4S users. In its own statement, Sprint also said very much the same as Verizon.

"iPhone 5 is packed with amazing new features and we are proud to offer Truly Unlimited data to iPhone customers so they can enjoy everything iPhone 5 has to offer on our 4G LTE network," said Sprint CEO Dan Hesse. "Whether it's finding a nearby restaurant with Siri, using Passbook to get organized or surfing the web, Sprint's truly unlimited data plans provide incredible value for iPhone customers, meaning customers can make the most of iOS 6 without worrying about costly overages on their monthly bill."

Will be interesting to see if AT&T suddenly has a change of thought on the matter!

Source: Verizon to allow cellular FaceTime use across all iPhone 5 data plans