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Use Apple’s Siri as your personal tip calculator


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Nov 27, 2012
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If you are one of those people who is constantly eating out, you might have stumbled upon this problem: how much should you leave as tip? Some people might have a hard time calculating it in their heads. There are probably lots of apps out there that can help you calculate tips, but why not just use Siri instead? That’s right, the Apple virtual assistant can be transformed into your personal tip calculator, as well.

When trying to calculate the exact tip, you can simply ask Siri: “What’s 20% of $45.34?" Or you can ask in a different, more mathematical manner: “15% times 54”. Regardless of how you phrase your questions, Siri will certainly give you the correct answer. You will find the required sum you are to leave to the waiter under the “Result” category.

You can ask Siri to complete your math tasks on your iPhone or iPod touch and for those who like dragging their tablets to the restaurant – even on the iPad.

This is yet another wonderful example of how Siri can replace a whole host of apps that users might be tempted to purchase from the App Store. We can’t help but wonder if at this rate we won’t end up being extremely dependent on Siri for every single one of our daily activities.

Source: OSXDaily

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