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Unreliable Appstore Ratings


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Jan 28, 2012
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As a new user of a 6 plus, I am finding it difficult to locate a good car locator app. For apps with fewer than 20 ratings, the comments seem to be written by the same person using different names to tout their own app. I can't prove this, but the signs are obvious. Then there are the pans, either perfectly true, accurate reviews or an app's author slamming the competition. Which came first, the Appstore or Yelp?

There are many services that a developer can use to pay someone to submit good reviews. I never look at the good reviews, they can be faked, I always read the critical reviews. It is also good to see what others are saying on forums.
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I take reviews with a grain of salt. You can usually tell. And that goes for reviews everywhere, like on Amazon. But yeah, when there's only 5 reviews and they sound like the same writer, it probably is. iTunes has done a good job in the past year or so to stop that kind of review padding. I don't see as much of it as I used to.