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Twitter Becomes A Retro Platformer Using Super Twario


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Jun 18, 2010
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An inventive and fun idea here from Head First Communications, in the shape of its very first app,called Super Twario, which enables users to interact with their Twitter accounts as if they were a retro platform game, by taking on the role of Twario, the hippest bunny in town, and earning points and achievements for carrying out various Twitter-related activities. Twario is controlled simply by tilting your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, or by tapping the screen to have Twario jump and swiping it to get him to run faster.

Super Twario also features all the basics required from a Twitter client, such as the ability to create tweets, reply to other tweets, and retweet messages, all via Twario. For example, you can read tweets by having Twario jump on them, or retweet messages by having Twario hit the tweeter’s image.

Super Twario is fully compatible with Game Center, and also comes with a Day and Night mode.

You can download Super Twario here for £1.19/$1.99/€1.59.

Source: Head First Communications