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Tweens Valentine's Edition - a Funny Game for Your Loved One!


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Jun 28, 2011
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Valentine's Edition is a special game mode for incredibly addictive action and smash hit puzzle game Tweens. Tweens and Tweens HD, games for iPhones, iPads and iPods, now have a completely new game mode especially designed for the special occasion of Valentine's Day.*

As before, in Tweens, you race against the clock to match same colored pigs, but in special designed Valentine's Edition mode it is not enough - additionally pigs must be different gender.

Game has eye-candy graphics, addictive music and authentic sounds, with various bonuses, combos and rampages.

By Tweens Valentine's Edition mode, game will be upgraded with 20 new levels, a separate Game Center leaderboard and 7 new achievements. Altogether, Tweens will have 95 levels in two regular modes, award endless mode and 3 leaderboards with over 70 achievements to pursue.

For those who already have Tweens or Tweens HD, St.Valentine Edition will be offered as regular upgrade - Free of Charge.

For gamers who like to try before they buy game, there is Tweens Lite for free, including first ten levels, just to show what they can expect in Tweens and Tweens HD.



Available on the iPhone, iPod and iPad AppStore
To honor the celebration of a love-themed holiday the full Tweens HD are offered for half the original price, just 99 US cents.

Tweens HD iTunes links
Tweens iTunes links
Tweens Lite iTunes link
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