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Third-Party Chargers Could be Harming Your iPhone 5

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Feb 6, 2014
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iMore reports today that cheap third-party chargers could be causing much more harm to your iPhone than just the risk of catching fire that has been previously reported. According to UK iPhone repairers mendmyi, they are seeing many iPhone 5 handsets coming into their shop for repairs after their owners used third-party chargers. Apparently the […]

Mendmyi also says that charging your iPhone using an in-car charger can also damage the U2 IC chip, so you should use an inverter when doing so.
What about Apple approved car chargers sold on the Apple website?
I think people need to just stick to OEM chargers. Is it really worth saving a few dollars today to risk paying for it in double later?

These devices are not coming with generic charging ports, therefore I'd recommend not using a generic charger on them.

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I use a 10' certified Monoprice lightning cable. No problems there. But I'd rather stick with Apple's charger. The biggest problem comes from the Chinese "Knock Offs".