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The Updated Version of iFonebox Come Out!


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Nov 16, 2014
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Good News!!! Auntec, the vendor of the best iOS data recovery software, iFonebox, is announcing its big update on February 2. The latest version 2.0.0 added the function to recover data from iCloud Backup, supported latest iTunes, changed the interface which give users a totally new using experience.

What’s the updated version look like?

This is the now logo of iFonebox:

This is the main interface of windows version:

This is the main interface of Mac version:

What’s new about the updated version

  • Added the function of "Recover from iCloud Backup"
  • Changed the interface
  • Added support of the latest iTunes
  • Improved the accuracy of scanned data
  • Fixed some known bugs

Where to download the latest version?

Choose the version you need and click the button below to download the free version

Win: http://www.ifonebox.com/public/download/ifonebox2_install.exe

Mac: http://www.ifonebox.com/public/download/ifonebox2_install.dmg

Notes: If you are using the free version of iFonebox, you could download the updated version directly; if you have purchased the license before the updated version. Download the latest version and connect [email protected] to get your registration code.