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How to recover lost contacts from iPhone?


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Nov 17, 2014
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Accidentally deleted some important contacts on iPhone? Found all contacts disappeared all of a sudden from iPhone? There's no need to panic since there are several solutions to get the lost contacts back to your iPhone.

First, check if you've hidden some contacts groups in the Contacts app.
This method is heard from a friend who works in Apple Call Center. He often got calls saying that someone lost all the contacts all of a sudden. And actually they only hid them and it's easy to get them back.
Steps: Start Contacts app or Phone app and go to Contacts tab >> Press Groups and check if the contact groups are not ticked. You can also press Show All Contacts. >> Press Done. And you will find your contacts back in list if you’ve never deleted them.

If you still couldn't find the contacts, the bad news is that you no longer have the contacts on you iPhone. And the good news is that there are at least three ways to get them back, to recover from iCloud, recover from iTunes backup, or directly scan and recover with iFonebox.

Restore from iCloud backup if you ever had one
If you’ve backed up with iCloud, it’s still easy. You can go to Settings on you iPhone >> Go to iCloud and enable Contacts if it’s disabled before.

Restore from iTunes backup
Still not working? Then you will need iTunes if you’ve backed up with iTunes before. You can use Restore Backup to restore things backup on the computer. But you must know that new data added after the backup time on your iPhone will be erased.

Recover and transfer contacts back to iPhone with iFonebox
If you don’t have iCloud backup or iTunes backup, or you just don’t want to lose any current data on the phone, you can use iFonebox. But it’s highly recommended that you go to the computer to scan with iFonebox as soon as possible since any new operation and change may rewrite the original data.


How to recover lost contacts with iFonebox?

1. Install iFonebox

2. Connect your iPhone to the computer

3. Scan the iPhone or iTunes Backup file

4. Go to Contact tab to check if the contacts you need are found

5. Check the wanted contacts and click Transfer selected to device.

And then the lost contacts will be on your iPhone again.

You can also edit the contacts and save the modified data to your iPhone.

And things are also easy with recovering messages, call history, notes, calendar, and more.

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