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The revolution of Mr. Painter


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Jul 23, 2014
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Wonderfully Original New No-Cost App “Mr. Painter” by Those Pixels Takes Users on a Unique Journey of Discovery, Mystery and Fun

Unlike anything that the app world has ever seen before, Mr. Painter is partly game, partly puzzle, and 100% addictive. Users must help Jepegüí Painter (a.k.a. Mr. Painter) travel through three spectacular game worlds, each with its own unique quirks and patterns. In total, there are a whopping 1500 patterns to unlock, including some that the folks at Those Pixels promise are the most insane and craziest ever imagined.

However, the goal isn’t exclusively to stay awake all night solving patterns (although this is certainly part of the app’s delightful appeal). It’s really about unlocking the pages of Jepegüí’s diary – page by page – to help him discover who is truly is. There are plenty of secrets to uncover, including some that are totally unpredictable and thoroughly unforgettable, such as how Jepegüí can adopt some features and styles of famous painters like Velázquez or Van Gogh.

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