The iCloud back-up is too small?

Discussion in 'iPhone 7' started by missj1976, May 1, 2017.

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    I have just got myself an iPhone 7. With this one I have used my old iCloud back-up to update it, without problem. Yesterday I checked if my new phone has made a back-up to iCloud which it hadn't. So I started the process manually. It finished this night but it's just 3.9 GB while my old (iPhone 5S) is 11.4 GB (see picture). I have 50 GB storage space in iCloud. I don't trust this new back-up is complete, the icon beside also looks weird. What is wrong and what do I do? I back-up is essential for my mental health ;-)

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    The size of the backup looks okay to me. My backups are way smaller than yours, and I've used them for setting up new iDevices successfully.
    My main device is the one called "Celaeno" in my screenshot, and it's backup is smaller than the one of my iPhone 7 Plus.

    The icon next to your backup looks like something didn't work as it should have.
    Try backing it up once more, manually, like before. Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is stable. See if it looks different afterwards.
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