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text message not being received


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Oct 25, 2013
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a particular contact is not receiving my text messages. I believe this is happening since the upgrade to IOS7 however not 100% certain. Funny thing is this person can text and I receive the message I replied back straight away and the message was received. Since then I have text 4 times on different days and the message is not being received by the contact. I am not aware of other contacts in my phone with the same issue. I have messaged other contacts regularly and not problems. I have deleted this contact and then added to contact list again but the same problem. Any suggestions??
Is it iphone to iphone with ios 7 could be other versions look under settings > messages > send read receipts
I apologize for not adding the steps to correct the problem if the "half moon symbol" is showing at the top of the screen. If it is, that's the problem and you can correct it by going into the IPhone settings, look for "Do not disturb"...Click on it and at the top of your next screen, you will see where it says "Manual"...To the right of that it will be showing "green"...put your finger on it and slide the button to the left (and the green color should disappear). Keep us posted.