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T-Mobile Offering Free iPhone SE With Any iPhone


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Jun 18, 2010
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BGR has news of a great new buy-one-get-one-free promotion from T-Mobile whereby when you buy any new iPhone from T-Mobile, you’ll get a brand new iPhone SE completely free.

Even better, it seems that there are very few catches in this deal: you simply have to buy the phones on a 24-month Equipment Instalment Plan, and should you leave T-Mobile before the 24 months are up you’ll have to pay the balance.

You’ll still have to pay for both phones on your monthly bill, but T-Mobile will reimburse you $400 shortly after you buy the qualifying iPhone. You’ll also have to pay all taxes on both phones when you buy the main iPhone.

As well as this deal, T-Mobile is also offering a free memory upgrade when you buy any iPhone 7 model, meaning that you can buy a 128GB iPhone 7 for the same price as a 32GB iPhone 7, making a saving of $100.

Source: T-Mobile will give you a free iPhone SE if you buy any iPhone

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