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Syncing problems with Outlook Email


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Jan 3, 2011
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I have managed to set up my iPhone4 so that it syncs with Outlook (contacts, calendar and e-mail).

However rather than synching with the Inbox it syncs everything into 'All mail' including deleted mails (in outlook), e-mails that have been archived into folders within outlook and also sent mails from outlook. Is there anyway that I can just get it to sync new mails into my inbox on my iphone since I last managed emails in my inbox on my laptop? I am ending up not knowing what I ahve dealt with and having things in two places. I'm assuming it is a settings problems but I cannot change anything under the advanced tab on the settings within the phone

Please help

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Hi There,

When you set up your email account, did you have another existing? the "all inboxes" account will merge both of the accounts into one, but you should still be able to choose from the "exchange" for example or the personal under accounts. it should sync your read mail from your iPhone into your outlook email.

I believe that in settings you can select the mail folders to push only the inbox instead of all folders.

hopefully some of this helped - good luck!