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Suggestion[emoji362]Apple Siri Dashboard with Safari Startpage like Momentum


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May 30, 2020
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Good day! I have a suggestion for Apple developers to think about creating a Siri Dashboard Start page for Safari. Siri uses a lot of user information. It would be great if I had my to-dos from Reminder, notes from application notes, geo-location information and maps integration - which would show me what the weather was like outside, how much it would take to get to work, what traffic was. Also preview emails and the ability to call your contacts and read the News right away. I liked the momentum extension, which is not available for Safari. For the moment I miss integration with Apple's services.

I am not a developer, but that is what I have missed for a long time on Safari and it would be a great place to innovate directly from Apple. Have a nice day!

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