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Sudden Data Usage


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Nov 14, 2012
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I'm new to this.. but have read a lot... i have a problem with one of the phones on my bill. The user of the line says that there was no data used on a certain date (claims never uses data).. However, our bill says much differently. I do realize that the iphone uses data to operate. But I can't imagine, on a phone with 4 silly game apps that are never used (No fb, or twitter, just a few games)... That the phone would use data, every day, while I'm not around... I would just like to some very clear understanding about this. Needing some truth!!

This is just a for instance, but data started at:in KB
10:01 7.3
10:27 7.1
10:33 38.8
10:38 21.3
10:38 2.0
10:39 36.3
10:39 68.2

and it continues in this type of pattern for two hours.

Can anyone tell me what uses this size data!! Also, I have talked with our cell phone company and they say that, that means it is not a constant connection. They say it could be like email or imessages... but the owner of the phone says diff.

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