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Storage Issues


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Mar 5, 2015
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Has anyone experienced this.

My plus 6 storage capacity increased 70% overnite and everything on my phone stopped working except the phone to make calls no apps would open as the phone was 100% full according to storage data. Tried the apple shop not really wanting to help me just saying if it says full its full mate.

So thinking i was at a loss two days later the phone starts to reduce in storage and within an hour was back to 30%.

Any ideas anyone.

Thanks nice to have joined
When your iPhone was full were you able to get into Settings>General>Usage>Manage Storage to see what wa taking up all that storage space? Did you connect the iPhone to iTunes on your computer to see what it said about your excessive storage use?
And be sure your not confusing iCloud storage with the phone's internal storage. Many make that mistake. They are different.

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