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Sprint Offering an iPhone 6 and iPad for $100 a Month


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
If you're still looking to bring Apple into your life, Sprint might have a good starter pack for you. Back in September, Spring launched its iPhone for Life program, allowing customers to essentially lease an iPhone, then potentially swap it out for the next iPhone that Apple releases. The program showed success, causing Sprint to extend the program to Android smartphones and tablets.

On Wednesday, Sprint announced a new offer with the iPhone for Life plan. The carrier is offering an iPhone 6, along with an LTE iPad Mini 3, for just $100 a month. This plan saves customers about $17 a month, if they were to purchase the two separately.

The iPhone comes with an unlimited plan, while the iPad comes with 2GB of monthly data, perfect to take on vacation. Visit Sprint's iPhone for Life page for more details on the new plan.