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Someone with experience with Music on iphone X pleae help!!!


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Aug 18, 2018
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Sorry for the book, but I must explajn my situation. I have my itunes and music linrary on my old laptop. It consists of 60 percent stuff I have added from file sharing back in the day like limewire, frostwire, etc. and 20 percent music from cd’s I own. And the remaining 20 percent music I have purchased from itunes. In every iphone up until now I have run a sync with itunes and all 3300 songs transfer over. Recently my iphone X failed and I got a new replacement. Of course I pulled out my old laptop to move the music over. It slowly transferred all the songs to my phone over an hour. However, now all of the sudden, when you view the tracks in the iphone library.....80% of the tracks are “greyed out” and if you select these tracks a messege says “item not available, this item cannot be played”. The only tracks that can be played are the 20% I have purchased on itunes. Please tell me Apple has not intentionally done this. I will return these airpods and never buy another itunes song again, or phone. Most of my library is apparently wiped out. I swear Apple does crap to force people into Androids. Also why do these mysteriously gone song still occupy the memory on the phone, but are useless?

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