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    Hi all! I have some questions about iPhone iOS:

    1) How can I disable/enable internet connection of my iPhone (sim data and/or wifi) programmatically? I mean, I wish to disable internet connection when I lock my phone and automatically enable internet connection when I unlock the phone (when I want to read messages, email, or use the phone for anything). If it is not possible with the iOS version 10.3.1, does Apple think that it would be useful to have a built-in feature like automatic internet enabler/disabler for the user?
    2) When I lock the phone, the phone downloads and/or uploads internet data or the internet data is not used in background when the phone is locked (that is when the phone has the touch screen switched off by user)?
    3) Why I can't copy, paste, rename, do in general some operations with files that exist in the "Documents" folder of some iPhone apps? I mean, with some PC software like iMazing I can copy some files into some iPhone internal folders, like the folder "Documents" of some apps. Can user do it by using only the phone and not the PC (or Mac)? If it is not possible, why? It would be not a dangerous thing for the security of the phone I think. What is the Apple idea about a built-in simple files editing app for editables files directly on iPhone?
    4) How can I delete all multimedia files (video, photos, audio, etc...) of an iPhone app without uninstalling that app? For now the only way is to uninstall the app: not very practical. It would much better if user could delete with a click all multimedia downloaded by app without uninstalling the app (if you uninstalling the app, most likely you will be prompted for access passwords, for example with Facebook...very boring). Some plan from Apple about this feature?
    5) It would be useful to implement a feature in Safari for iPhone that converts all opened web pages to PDF and save them to Dropbox (I mean, if I open 10 different web pages, I'd like to save them as PDF to my linked Dropbox with a single click and then close all the opened web pages; for now user can only close by hand web pages one by one, too frustrating).
    6) It would be useful to have a built-in application in a future iPhone OS version that allows the user to lock some installed apps or some setting pages of iPhone OS to have more control on a phone that is used by other people. For now user can only manage the control on: enable/disable Safari, Camera, Siri, AirDrop, CarPlay, iTunes Store, Installing app, Uninstalling app, etc... too poor; very useful if user could enable/disable with password/s or fingerprint some installed apps (like WhatsApp). Is it possible via iOS or is it a feature that must be implemented by app's programmer? I think that Apple can implement a feature like this in a future iOS version independently from the app. What's is the Apple idea on it?
    7) Feature requested: built-in (maybe in a future iOS version for iPhone) to record a voice call (out and in, both the voice), independently from the laws in a country about recording calls. I mean, Apple could implement it, but if user uses that feature against the law of his country, the only responsible is the user, not Apple. Will we ever have a way to record voice calls with a built-in app in a future iOS version?
    8) Without Jailbreaking the phone, can user uses a pc keyboard and mouse to use the iPhone? If not, why? Apple could implement an app like this in the future?
    9) Does exist an application that can copy a text in Safari browser of iPhone and paste the copied text on a text field of a PC (or Mac)?
    10) Can user use Siri on iPhone to define some tasks like for example "call a number" or "send a message" associating to these tasks some recorded sounds like "one two three" or "A B C" with the user's voice instead of using the spelling of the user that could not spell correctly a word or a name?

    Some of these questions are already been discussed?
    Thanks for your attention.



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