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Some iPhone 5s users report 'Blue Screen Of Death' reboots


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Nov 27, 2012
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It seems that the notorious "blue screen of death" issue has expanded from Windows computers to iPhones. A good number of iPhone 5s owners are complaining on Apple’s support forums that their newly acquired iPhone 5s units are displaying the "blue screen of death" (BSOD). This seems to happen more often when using the Numbers app in Apple's iWork suite or the ESPN ScoreCenter app, but the glitch appears when using other random apps, as well.

After a short while, the iPhone 5s reboots and goes back to normal. You can see in the above video for yourself how a BSOD appears on the iPhone 5s. One frustrated iPhone 5s user wrote on the Apple forums:

"If I open a document in Numbers, then press the power button, the phone seems to power itself off almost instantly instead of just going to sleep"

Another users seems to be experiencing similar issues:

"I am having the same problem myself when using the pages app to open my saved resume and then trying to email it to someone. If i do that then go to open the notes app that I have a typed message I want to copy and paste in the same email, as soon as I paste it in the email the screen goes blue and restarts."

What about yourself? Has this happened to your iPhone 5s?

Source: PC World
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