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slim and protective cases?

mr. pepper

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Jul 15, 2014
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I'm looking for a slim, yet protective case for the iphone 5. I like the lifeproof but I've heard bad things about it. like the sound isn't good and the touchscreen response isn't all that good either. If you have any suggestions as to which case you recommend, please let me know. Also I like navy blue cases o something like that color. thanks for the help. :)
I've used the LifeProof case and found the sound to be quite acceptable. The biggest negative aspect is the need to use the special adaptor in order to use headphones.
I like and use the Spigen Tough Armor. May I suggest checking out the Spigen line up. I think their pretty good.
I used to have a spigen slim armor for my 4s, it was the kind of case I was looking for except it wasn't very protective since the side of the case didn't go higher than the glass screen resulting in a very smashed screen after I dropped my phone on gravel by accident. thanks for the suggestion i'll check their line up for sure!
I use these little guys with a zagg protector... they are great... low profile, look nice, and protective...obviously not water proof but if you don't make a habit of dropping your phones in a toilet, or jumping into lakes with your phone in your pocket then you should be fine....

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