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Slice It! Tops the iPhone Game Charts


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Jun 18, 2010
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If you've checked the iPhone Paid App charts recently you'll have noticed that a new contender has risen to the top of the charts to challenge the supremacy of Angry Birds. The game is called Slice It!, and although it's only been out for around a week, it seems to have struck a chord, with over 3000 five-star ratings! Slice It! is made by Com2uS, the developers of Homerun Battle 3D and the epic RPG Inotia series, and is a simple shape-dividing puzzle game, where you have to slice various shapes and figures as evenly as possible under given conditions, avoiding obstacles and using mirrors to help you slice all the shapes into perfectly equally sized pieces.

Slice It! features over 60 stages, with the promise of many more stages to come via updates, and would seem to be an addictive bargain at just £0.59/$0.99. Download it here if you fancy seeing what all the fuss is about. It's a universal app so is also iPad-compatible.

Source: Com2uS

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