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Samsung to Make Next iPhone Chip


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Jun 18, 2010
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It seems that Apple is not being very successful in distancing itself from major rival Samsung, if, indeed, it was ever truly trying to do so. There have been many rumours over the past few years to the effect that Apple would like to end its reliance on Samsung as a major part of its supply chain, but somehow the two companies just can’t seem to tear themselves away from each other.

In fact, judging by today’s news from Re/code, Samsung is to continue being a major part of Apple’s supply chain, as it has won the contract to make the forthcoming A9 chip away from current shared supplier TSMC.

Re/code’s sources say that the reason for Apple turning primarily to Samsung once again is because Samsung now has a superior manufacturing process, having managed to reduce the size of its transistors on its chips to 14 nanometers, making more room and requiring less power. Currently, TSMC can only manage 20 nanometers in size.

Source: Apple Taps Samsung to Manufacture A9 iPhone Chip Re code