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ROSE FRAGRANCE smell front and back iPhone 4/4s screen protector


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May 3, 2012
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I just purchased the coolest screen protector for my iphone 4s. I was just browsing on Amazon and to see what I kind of screen protector I should get for my iphone 4 and I cam across this.

I bought it right away and it arrived quickly.

When I first opened, I was hoping that the smell would come out but there was nothing..

I thought I was scammed, but until I peel off the layers and apply the iphone 44..

You can really SMELL the rose fragrance and it is very cool. The smell is very light, so it doesn't make your hand smell like lotion.

The smell spread out gradually as you use it. It's the 3rd and the smell is still there...and if u rub it, the smell gets stronger.

Here's the ASIN for Amazon.

B007ZK71LE $sp-rose.jpg

Cool stuff for that price!