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Dark spots on screen protectors - iPhone 4s


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Jul 2, 2011
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I have a strange problem with screen protectors on my white iPhone 4s. I’ve been thru 4 Steinheil Ultra Series [Ultra Optics] screen protectors that all have exhibited the same issue: two fuzzy dark spots (see www.photobert.com/temp/steinheil.jpg) appear after about 2 days. The spots are always in exactly the same place on the screen. Before applying each screen protector, I thoroughly clean the glass with a ammonia-based cleaner. There is nothing visible on the glass. But 2 days after applying each screen protector, the spots start to appear – always in exactly the same place. The last time I litteraly scrubbed the glass before applying the screen protector. The only thing I can think of is fungus – but I can’t imagine how fungus could exist after the thorough cleaning – unless the fungus is on the screen protectors themselves – which seems unlikely.

Anyone have a plausible explanation as to why this might be happening?