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Restored phone to factory settings how to restore data?


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May 31, 2014
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Hi all

I thought I had saved my data to icloud

restored my phone to factory settings

to my horror I couldnt get my data from icloud

I have some sentimental messages from my mother who passed away, plus some photos and other data

Is it at all possibel to get this data back?


Sorry for your loss.

If you backed up to the cloud, you should be able to pull the data from it. Try restoring from iCloud using iTunes rather than on your device itself, or if you have a backup previously made through iTunes, try restoring that. Outside of that, it's impossible to retrieve data that has more than likely been overlaid during the process.
Thanks pal

It seems like I didnt back it up to iclouds properly, oh no

I lost all my contacts and more importantly my mums messages oh dear
Don't worry just repair your iPhone at well-known store, they will surely help you to give your data back and also your iPhone restoring problem.
It seems that you can get back you data if you have saved it on iCloud. You may try to use some iPhone data recovery software-iPhone Data Recovery. But you may spend a little money to pay for the software.
If you backup your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud, you can easily restore them from iTunes backup or iCloud backup. You can easily backup your iPhone contacts, messages from iPhone to computer:
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