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Restored iPhone 3GS, now says "no SIM inserted" when the SIM is inserted!


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Jun 9, 2012
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Long story here, so I'll try to be quick. My fiancee is English and has an iPhone 3GS she got from her step-mom. It was on an Orange contract, so is locked to Orange, and my girlfriend has since put in her Orange pay as you go SIM. It worked fine this way.

However, I've been bugging her to get Orange to unlock it so that she can pop in the Straight Talk AT&T SIM and get on their plan when she comes to the US next week. She took it to Orange today. They told her it cost 40 pounds (ouch) and that it takes some time. They also said there was a shop down the way that could do it for 20 and in an hour. She thought that sounded nice since she's coming here soon and doesn't have time to wait, and she went to the shop.

Basically, without telling her they were going to, they downgraded her to iOS 4 and jailbroke her phone. I was upset by this, because if that's all they were going to do, I could have just jailbroken it myself and unlocked it and kept iOS 5! So, she plugged her phone into iTunes and restored it to factory settings. I was then going to instruct her to restore an iTunes or iCloud backup, and then I'd just jailbreak/unlock it myself when she came here.

Unfortunately, we were horrified to see that now her phone doesn't work at all. It says there's no SIM inserted, even though the same Orange SIM as always is inserted.

What is happening? Is there some way she can fix this?

If I were in England, I'd demand her money back and then demand Orange unlock the phone and stop giving people terrible advice. :( I'm hoping that if there's nothing she can do now, I can at least fix it when she comes here. I am a novice to all this, but I feel that with tutorials, I can jailbreak/unlock it.

Thank you for anything you can say that might help. This is awful. We used to communicate constantly by iMessage. Please help. :(

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