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Reserved for Pickup on the 24th- what is the best time to show up?


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Jun 15, 2010
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This might seem like a silly question, but I'm new to iPhones and am just wondering if I should show up before 7:00am or try my luck in the middle of the day.

I really don't want to spend hours buying a cell phone. I'll be picking up from the Santa Monica, CA store here in Los Angeles.
Hey Adam, Welcome to the forum. I'm planning on heading down around 6:00.. Mainly just to meet everyone and hang out and talk iPhone :)

You might want to call the Apple store ahead of time and see what they recommend.
Also where you live. The Fifth Ave store versus the one here in MS makes a H-U-G-E difference in traffic. Last Tuesday I was at the local Apple Store and there was more help than customers. In NYC I'm sure they will be camping out.
Guys, go 2 hours early. 1 hour early, there was a huge line for the 3gs, I was first =] But even with a pre-order you stand in line. 2 Hours early, I was able to be first. Im going at 11 AM on tuesday.....

Watch me get a cancellation email then lol..... either way, i'll get one
12am lol camp out like the rest do? or wont you have to wait as long if you reserve
Mine is reserved and I will be going at about 6am. I am not worried if there's a long line. I don't plan on being in and out.