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Remove WhatsApp favorites and add new ones


Oct 29, 2014
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I have 38 WhatsApp Favorites that I never added to my Favorites list. They just showed up there on their own somehow. How do I get rid of them and then add to Favorites contacts that I actually need to contact?
I suppose they were added from your Contacts app - those who also use Whatsapp.

In the app, in Favorites, there's "Edit" at the top left. When you tap it, you'll be able to remove the contacts you don't want to see there. What you have to do, is tap the red minus button to delete them from Favorites, then tap "Delete", which appears when you tap the minus button. When you've finished removing contacts, tap "Done" at the top left.

To add contacts, tap the + sign at the top right. This will open the Contacts app, where you can select the people that should appear as favorites. Tap one of those. The contact's information will be visible. Tap it, to add the person to your favorites.

Hope that helps.
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Is there a way to import my Favorites from the Phone app or from FaceTime or magicJack or do I need to select each one individually in WhatsApp?
You import them from the Contacts app, as far as I can see. I don't use magicJack, so I can't tell you if it's possible to import them from there.

You'll have to select them one by one. I didn't see a way to add more than one at a time.
To my knowledge, the WhatsApp Contacts are the same as my Contacts App and the Favorites are all of the Contacts that have WhatsApp accounts. I do not believe I can import the WhatsApp favorites from the Phone app favorites.