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Red Lion Hotels Introduce In-Room Apple TV, iPhone Check-in, and Digital Door Keys


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Jun 18, 2010
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Red Lion Hotels (RLHC) has launched a series of new technology initiatives for guests, including an in-room Apple TV experience and updated Hello Rewards app with check-in and check-out via iPhone, digital room keys, and self-service iPad kiosks.

"These are our next steps in the ongoing evolution of developing emerging technology to reduce friction for our guests," said RLHC CEO Greg Mount. "Streamlining guest interactions and improving daily operational efficiencies that translate into fewer overall guest inconveniences remain our focus at RLHC."

As far as Apple TV is concerned, RLHC will be installing Apple TV in all hotels in its Hotel RL brand, which will also run a variety of RLHC apps, including Direct TV, device management, and iTunes user security. Apple TV in the rooms will also connect the in-room experience to other parts of the enhanced guest journey, including self-serve check-in, digital mobile keys, and communication between guests and staff.

The RLHC Hello Rewards app for iOS has also been updated and now gives guests the ability to check-in and check-out directly from their iPhone, as well as managing their loyalty membership and rewards. Also, digital keys are now included for the first time in the app, meaning that you can totally bypass the registration desk and use your iPhone to unlock your door.

"We are constantly looking at ways to service guests with tailored experiences," said Edwards. "We understand that sometimes guests don't prefer engaging with people during travel, so we created a way for people to arrive, check in, proceed directly to their room, and even check out. We want to accommodate them in every way that we can, and our updated Hello Rewards app with new check-in and check-out features, plus digital room keys, deliver on that promise."

And finally, valet staff will all now have use of their own hotel-issued Apple Watch, which they can use to manage and action car retrieval and hopefully reduce car retrieval waiting times. Self-service iPad kiosks will also be introduced in the hotel lobby so that guests can check themselves in and avoid waiting.

"I see many hotel mobile strategies that haven't yet realized the scope of possibilities at play. It's bigger than just having an app and being able to text a guest - RLHC not only understands this mindset but is defining best practices for brands and owners to transform experiences with technology throughout the entire guest journey. It's changing the relationships with their guests, throughout their entire trip," says Marcus Robinson, CEO, Monscierge.

Source: Red Lion Hotels Corporation