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received messages/phone NOT notifiying


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May 17, 2014
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I use Whatsapp every day, several times a day to communicate with my son and daughters in India..I use the iphone 5S ... Iave checked all my settings and they are set correctly from what I can see... I was sent two messages yesterday, both messages, I NEVER got a notification that I had message..I found the message when I went in to send one or read another one..

I have version 7.1.1 (1D201) on the iphone... AT&T is my carrier... modem firmware 2.18.02

WHY does it not notify me when I get a message? I feel bad when I don't get their message and reply
I reboot the phone once a week ... If I don't it charges very slow.... so I reboot and it is better

Did you check to see that WhatsApp was included in notifications? If it isn't, you'll get no notification of incoming messages.
When I am in Whatsapp, and I go into settings, under Notification setting for Whatsapp, it has in-app sounds is on, in-app vibrate is on... in-app preview is on...
Under Settings for iphone area, under Whatsapp, it shows sounds on and 'show in notification center" is on
all my settings are set to notify me... but sometimes it does not ring to let me know that a message has come in so It might be an hour or so before I know it is there.. I don't see til I go back in and check to see if one is there...