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Real Dance : A motion sensing game on iOS


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Jun 22, 2013
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This is a new type of dancing game on mobile device, and we call it Real Dance because the dancer is no longer the cartoon character on the screen but YOU in real world!!!

You should do the actions with your mobile device according to the game tips, and your device will become a motion sensing equipment to judge your actions. With the melody, with the actions of device, you can start to dance!

$IMG_0112.jpg $IMG_0101.jpg

There are 64 kinds of actions in 7 categories:
1.Move up, down, left, right, upper left,upper right, lower left, lower right.
3.Move and push up, down, left, right, upper left,upper right, lower left, lower right。
4.Draw a semi-circle outward from up, down, left, right.
5.Draw a 90°, 180°, 270° or 360° arc parallelly to the screen in clockwise or anticlockwise from up, down, left, right.
6.Tilt your device by -90°, -45°, 0°, 45°or 90°.
7.Turn left or right by 45°, 90°or 180°.

It seams complicated but actually very easy to play. Each action corresponds to an evident identity in game, it prompts you when and what to do. When you are familiar with these identities you will be able to dance naturally to the rhythm of music!


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