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Quran Short Surahs – A Complete Source of Blessings


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May 19, 2014
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Available for iPhones : Download Last Ten Surahs

Last Ten Surahs is one of the great applications based on Last 10 Short Surahs of Quran. The application developed by Quran reading is full of great features, which help in memorization of these beautiful Surahs. The Surahs are of great importance as we do recite them in our prayers and include mostly for tarawees / Ramadan prayers. The particular application provides you easy to use interface. All the information is available on simple clicks and mostly on the same screen rather swapping between tabs. In contrast with features, the application is free to use as a gift from developer to Muslim umah, who are willing to know more and more about religion.

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The features of this informative application about Short Surahs of Quran are as following;

Short Surahs with Transliterations
The application contains a list of Last 10 Surahs just select your desired one and recite it. All the verses provided in Arabic as well as with Transliterations. This feature is to provide you help while reading as this is true that many of us do feel problem in reading verses with Arabic Script.

Short Surahs with Translations

Understanding of things comes when we get to know meanings enclosed. For this reason, Last 10 Surahs provide you an option of Translation against each verse. It is available in English Language to make it convenient for number of people around the globe as it considered being an international language.

Short Surahs with Audio

Furthermore, Last 10 Surah also provides you an option to listen these beautiful Surahs, which are being recorded by an expert recitals considering Quran tajweed Rules. This feature will help you in knowing proper pronunciation and correction of yours.

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