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Problems with Battery


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Jan 26, 2011
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I've had my iPhone 5 for over 5 months. Recently, I have a battery problem. It doesn't hold the charge for long. I charge it every night yet in the morning, the battery goes from about 95% down to 65% or less. I make certain to turn-off the apps when not using. Why is the battery losing so much power? Also, when re-charging, the white AC/DC adapter gets very hot as does the phone. Any chance it could explode or is this heat normal? I also have the iPhone 3S and almost no heat is felt when re-charging. I also notice that when connected by cable into my PC, besides synching, it also charges.
Turn off location services when not needed and also put down brightness to the middle.

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It's normal that the phone charges while syncing.

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Heating problem may be due to faulty adapter.

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