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Problem with Siri I need help with


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Oct 27, 2011
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I have an iphone 4s, am new to this forum. I am good with computers and electronics yet can't get Siri to learn my name.

I also noticed (and reported) a bug in the re-alphabetizing of the contact list that others mentioned.

I tried to teach Siri how to pronounce my name with not much success. My name is Hloben and has a silent H. Pretty simple, it's pronounced LOW bin!

In the contact list, I found the field to change the phonetic spelling and I thought it would be a snap!

In phonetic spelling I tried over a dozen changes to the first syllable (trying a LOW bin, using a Long O symbol, LOH, Low, Lobe, etc to get 'her' to say "Loben". I have 5 contacts with same last name.

Originally she was saying Hlobbin, with the h sound, but now she says Lobbin. It is wrong and I am still annoyed but I understand this is beta and may improve.

But still, I'd like it announce my son or my own name correctly. Using LOW bin gets her to say Lobbin if I say call home. Yet if I say "find Hloben" She'll ask which Lobbin but then read all our names like I want them.

As annoying as not being able to train Siri, here is the real BUG and this may affect a lot of people!

In the contact list, when I go Last,First the contacts (all the hlobens) are under the letter L!!!!

When I go First,Last (which I prefer) they are NOT in alphabetical order. I have synced, backed up and rebooted.

When I take OUT the phonetic spelling all goes back to perfect. I want Siri to pronounce my name right and I want my contact list to be alphabetical without the Phonics altering the alphabet.

Anyone have any insight?