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Problem with email remaining in Inbox?


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Oct 29, 2014
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I have the IPhone 6 (64 KB) with the primary email account being my Corporate account but I also have my personal email account on the IPhone. I am finding that the 6 shows my corporate emails in the Inbox and they remain as unread and in the Inbox until I deal with them by trashing them. On my personal email account, however I am finding that (1) not all emails I receive in my personal account show up on the 6 (also a problem I find with my IPad2) so that I am having to check the personal email account on my PC to make sure I don't miss incoming emails which don't show up on the IPhone (or IPad2), and (2) if I open my personal email account on the 6, and, for example it shows 10 new messages, only the first couple of emails are marked as being unread, as opposed to all which have not been read, and if I am unable to deal with the emails in the Inbox at that moment, if I open the Inbox at a subsequent time when I have time to deal with the emails which previously showed up in the Inbox, the emails which were previously there have disappeared and only emails received since the previous time I opened the account show up in the Inbox.

Has anyone any suggestions as to how I can program the 6 to retain my personal emails in the Inbox until I have dealt with them? I have been through the various Settings alternatives but don't see anything which addresses the issue. Secondly, has anyone any ideas as to why my 6 (and the IPad2) don't seem to get ALL of my personal emails? It is somewhat frustrating to have to keep checking my desktop PC to ensure I don't miss emails.

Thanks for any assistance anyone can offer !
What personal email service are you using? Do you know if it is set up as an IMAP or a POP account? And do you have it set to retain the emails on the server until deleted?
Xrayeyes: did you get my response to the above, which I sent from the desktop PC rather than posting here?
I use kos.net for my personal email - it is POP3 rather than IMAP. I believe I set the kos settings to delete messages from the Inbox once downloaded to my desktop, so that may be my problem in that if the message downloaded to the desktop, it was then deleted so the IPad/IPhone did not pick up the message when it checked the personal account. Will try changing the kos settings to not delete incoming messages from their server, and make a practice of signing into their service every couple of weeks to delete manually incoming messages.

The second problem remains - why do messages show up on the IPhone6 in the Inbox and then disappear without having been read or trashed?
Do you have your mail enabled to sync with iCloud? Check you settings there. If you are deleting them once they are downloaded to your desktop, that may be why they get deleted off you phone.
Thanks. Enabled synch mail on ICloud and turned off delete after downloading on my ISP mail server. Seems much better now. Thanks again for the help