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PredictiveTyper - finally brings to your iPhone and iPad smart predictive text input


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Feb 13, 2013
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Ever wanted to have predictive text input on your iOS device? PredictiveTyper is simple text editor which can provide you this cool way of text input!

PredictiveTyper is app that will help you write faster and without errors. In contrast to autocorrect which corrects words after they have been written, PredictiveTyper uses real-time language modeling techniques to offer you a list of words you are most likely to write in each given context. This way, it reduces the number of keystrokes needed to write the text and, at the same time, prevents any spelling errors.

PredictiveTyper learns from your texts. If a specific word, such as a personal name or a technical term, is not included in the app, it will learn this word from your text. However, it does not stop there. PredictiveTyper will learn each word selection you make, offering you more accurate word suggestions with each use.

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